About Us


So how is it that a bookkeeper and a beekeeper have joined forces to get creative? Well, to be honest, we don’t exactly know, but we suppose that it may just be the next step in a friendship spanning many, many years. How many years you may wonder – well, let’s just say we’ve gone from playing horses on the play ground, burning down hand-built forts, dating boys, getting married, birthing babies, to our current status of both of us still happily married with teenage kids. Is that even possible? Apparently so (or at least it is on most days!).

About Victoria:

I am an obsessed beekeeper who cannot stop painting everything.  From chicken coops to beehives to my precious skulls.  The brighter the better.  I have lived in America for twenty years and have been lucky enough to surround myself with a magnificent collection of treasures and junk.  I prefer to lovingly refer to it all as the former, but it may depend which family member you speak to.  I obsessively create displays all over my house and within my adored Bee House.  For the most part I live with three very obliging boys, so creatively, I feel very lucky.  I am really excited about Jennifer and I collaborating on our next adventure together. I am eternally optimistic so naturally I am convinced that we will be insanely brilliant together.  How lovely it is to continue playing with a cherished childhood friend.  May we all be so blessed!

About Jennifer:

I have been a bookkeeper by trade for the past 20 years, but have always been drawn to the arts – visual, musical, dance. I have admired all from afar, denying that I could possibly have any such creativity residing in myself. Thankfully with some guidance from above I woke up and smelled the coffee – realizing that we all have creativity dwelling inside us. I just had to do a bit of digging. So after much shoveling of many crusty layers of crap (sorry, really no other way to say that effectively) – I have gotten to a place of creative contentment. Am I an “artist”? Maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that I like making things with my hands. I lack the words to describe the joy this brings me. I now get to experience even more joy by sharing this artistic journey with my dear friend, Victoria. I have absolutely no idea where this journey will take me, but I am so grateful to be on it and to be sharing it with someone as passionate about creating as I am. The fact that she is as quirky as I am doesn’t hurt either! I hope that you will enjoy sharing in our adventures.