Therapy Bettye

Queen of Recycled Arts

Queen of Recycled Arts

Meet Casey…Clever Girl creator, Therapy Bettye. I met Casey two years ago at the annual Recycled Arts Festival in Vancouver, Washington.  I was attending the show for the first time and her work was like a magnet – drawing me in. Everything about Casey drew me in. She was decked out in a bold outfit, standing in front of her vintage camper, surrounded by all her amazing recycled creations.  We chatted a little bit about her work and I picked out an awesome little horned owl she created and went on my merry way.

But I couldn’t get her out of my head and I wished I had gotten her contact information. So the next morning when I woke up, I was determined to go back to the festival to hunt her down. And I did. I gathered all my courage, approached her, and asked her if she ever has coffee with strangers. Here’s what made me fall in love with Casey……she said “No.” Just like that. She was upfront that she pretty much just kept to herself and her dogs. But then something happened. She paused, gave some thought to the matter, and decided because I had come all the way back to the festival to meet her she would consider a coffee date! She gave me her phone number, making it clear she is horrible about calling people so she wasn’t taking my number because she wouldn’t call despite all her good intentions. Little did Casey know that I am a super stalker of awesome people I want to know… I did call her, we did have coffee, and the rest is now our funny history.

Last year she let me throw in some items for the recycled festival and we had a grand time with her family at her vintage camper stall. Here is a photo of us with her sweet granddaughter, Finley.

The Girls

The Girls

We are starting to gear up for the 2015 festival with the theme of Alice in Wonderland (or should I say Recyledland?). Hence….the creation of the Mad Hatter Chair. Here is the finished chair.


Casey and I have fun with our junking adventures and bouncing creative ideas off each other. Our crazy brains seem to be quite in sync with each other. I could not have created the Hatter chair without Casey’s creative spirit to help me along….and her extra set of hands at the final stage (which I burned often with the glue gun….sorry about that, Casey). I’m so glad she was willing to give out her number to a total stranger:) She has become my creative soul sister.



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