Up-Cycled Mad Hatter Chair

Before Photo

Before Photo

Here is the beginning of madness…..sitting in what looks like my hoarder garage. This is a photo of my haul after a day of junking with the best junker ever, Casey (more on her in a different post). A day out in Portland produced a large sheet of metal, springs, bike chains, scrap wood, cabinet door….and THE CHAIR.

We were lost in a neighborhood trying to get to our next junk destination when we saw a garage sale with this awesome chair sitting on the lawn. skidded to a stop, we jumped out and made a bee line for the chair. Here’s where it gets really cool….the people hosting the sale said it was FREE and begged us to take it. I looked at Casey, she looked at me, and I said “It’s a Mad Hatter chair – we have to take it.”  We loaded that baby in the back of my trusty steed – pushing all the other junk out of the way to make room. The people told us there was another one in the basement we could have….we turned the offer down as we felt pretty loaded down already. And now I want to go back in time and smack myself. Sigh…..let it go.

Casey participates annually in a recycled arts festival in Vancouver and next year she has invited me to join her. This chair has spurred a theme and vision – it will be a recycled and up-cycled wonderland….all things Alice and all kinds of Hatter madness. I got right to work on revamping this baby. Casey and I hunted for recycled material to use. Here is a photo of the color vision we started with.


The quilt on the back was found at a thrift store….bed-sized quilt top….all HAND- STITCHED….crazy beautiful. It was super hard to cut it…but I said a blessing for whoever took the time to make such a work of art and got to work. The other fabrics come from a duvet cover, a sweater, a velour shirt and discarded material found a Goodwill.  I’ve never upholstered any thing of this scale before…..I love that Casey took me at my word that I could do it. Lots of stapling and glue gunning and stitching and securing and it is pretty much done. The legs still need re-attaching, but should hammer that out this week. Here are the progress shots.



I actually surprised myself that I could recover this sized chair…despite the multiple glue gun burns – what’s a little missing flesh in the name of creativity?? So here is the almost finished piece – keep in mind the feet need to be put on.

Mad Hatter Goodness

Mad Hatter Goodness

Of course it’s completely over the top….it’s a chair for a Mad Hatter….HELLO! Will post 100% finished piece later – honest I will:) I can’t help but to wonder if I’ll be able to let it go when the time comes….may be a list of care instructions that go with it….like no sitting in it. Is that fair?