A First!

Etsy Sale ready to mail

Etsy Sale ready to mail

Happy New Year! Do you want to know how I start mine? No, not really? Well, too bad because I’m just too darn excited not to share the news! I literally started my year with my very first Etsy sale – the message was waiting for me on my phone as I sleepily poured my morning coffee. (O.K. technically it is my second sale, but this is the first completely random buyer from across the country sale!!) So WHOO HOO!



Here is who sold…..Sid. He is at this very moment making his way out to Florida to his new home. It is so weird to think of something I made going all the way over to Florida to be put in someone’s home (or office, or wherever). It was kind of hard wrapping him up and shipping him out. I went perhaps just a wee bit overboard with the hand-stamped paper wrapping and flower. It felt a bit girly to wrap such a rocker owl in that manner, but I was just so flipping excited to be mailing him to a new home – I had to do it right.

So people, 2014 has started out on a very positive note. Which is good because I have made the life changing decision to start stepping out of bookkeeping. I am starting with my largest client. It will mean a drop of half my income, but I am trusting that new and exciting business opportunities are coming my way. By the end of the year I hope to be down to only one client. So any good mojo you want to send my way would be most welcome! Blessings to you all for a jaw-dropping 2014!


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