Bella the Elephant is born

I have no idea what possessed me today, but today was the day I decided to do a bit of video shooting. Please forgive the amateurish manner of the videos (and the nutty chihuahua in the background of one), but I have never filmed myself working and I wanted to give it a go. So I did! I felt completely silly talking to myself in the first  – weird accents and voice inflections reflect my nervousness. Evidently I go into a fake British accent when nervous?? Why has no one told me this before??? The second video my hubster, Matt, took for me. I made him promise not to get my face in the video….but he did manage to get my pajamas. What can I say – I do most of my creating in my jammies – just how I roll.

Would love your feed back on what you think. Is it enjoyable to see how a piece of work comes together? Or does that only excite other creatives? Is elephant making a bit of a drag to watch? And what do you think of Bella? I have never attempted an elephant before – you know me, prone to owls. Poor Bella is so off balance that she’ll have to have a screw driven through her beautiful belly just to stay up. I never said engineering was a forte – I just like to make stuff – don’t ask me about mechanics. I’m a big fan of glue, nails, any other means of making stuff stay put.

I do hope you enjoy and I’ll be posting more on Bella – she is currently tanning in the oven because I’m way too impatient to wait for her to dry naturally!


2 thoughts on “Bella the Elephant is born

  1. Jen this is great! I love everything about it, you sharing, creating, talking, the real ness of it all. I don’t have any idea how to sculpt, so this is exciting for me to watch. The background is perfect. I really loved it when you put Bella on the shelf, it was like majic! And if her trunk stays off the background, i kind of like that….Looking forward to more of what you do to her!

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