Big Owl Blues

I can not even tell you how pleased I am with this stencilled owl. I happened to be poking around the Habitat Restore (LOVE that place for cheap weirdness) when I came across a burlap covered board. Hello, I said. You will be mine. So for a whopping $1, I walked out with my burlap board. Did I mention my wallet also likes that store?

I was determined not to let this sucker sit for too long. Big empty boards/canvases/fill-in-the-blank, intimidate me. So I forced myself to get busy. I first coated the burlap in a yellowish paint. My cruddy photo up top does not reflect that color well. And then I decided to keep it simple and try my hand at a stencil. Only considering this board is 3 feet by 2 feet, this was no simple task. Here is the progression of my work.


cutout_stencilstencil_startblue_stencilI can only hope the photos tell the story because I am too darn tired to go into details. I will say that I was really pleased with how clean the lines turned. Considering the amount of work I put into the stencil (exacto knife cutting and all that jazz) I figure I should do a couple more in different colors.

Side note – update on Victoria. She is currently Queen Bee in her home town, i.e. the president of the Beekeepers Association. She is also working to get hives on the top of buildings in the downtown area, but not a lot of fans of that idea (yet!). She is also selling her delicious honey in a local store and gearing up for another busy (and sticky) season of honey production. Hopefully we’ll score some photos soon!