2013 Enter Love

EnterLoveHappy 2013! I’m not going to list out the excuses why I haven’t blog since November. There would be too many, my hands would cramp up from all the typing and I would never get to the meat of this post. My last blog was about keeping things simple and simplifying life. So I will just say I didn’t blog and leave it at that. There – doesn’t get much more simple than that!

So 2013 is off and running. I feel very good about the start of this year. And I would go so far as to say that 2012 was fundamentally good. I do have a 13-year-old daughter in the emotional hurricane, but we are currently in the eye so all is well – for today. I did a couple small holiday shows at the end of the year that went extremely well. The house in the picture above was a last-minute creation I made for a show. I liked it so much that I made a couple more. A little village if you will.

WoodenHousesAlong with “Enter Love” I made “Hope” and “Joy”. They were so much fun to do! I have a true confession that I’m not even sure my son knows yet. The wood I used are left overs from his Tae Kwon Do board breaks he has to do during testing. He always wants to keep the broken wood after testing – a sign of his accomplishment and strength?? – and my garage shelf is now over flowing with broken boards. Well, with a little bit of sawing and reshaping they make great little house! The fact that they are not perfectly straight and even thrills my inner rule breaker.

I had a lot of positive feed back on them at the show and two of them did sell. Enter Love was the first to go. And then Joy. Nobody wanted to buy Hope. What’s the deal with that? Does Hope not sell these days? Please tell me it’s not so. Well, it will sell someday – somebody has to want a little Hope out there. Can’t we all use a little?

P.S. The cute paper flowers surrounding the houses are courtesy of my daughter. She got herself into a bit of trouble (I did mention she’s 13, right?) and was sentenced to help me out in my art room. She actually had a great time making them, did a fantastic job and a couple sold at the show – for which she got the earnings. And she certainly liked THAT!


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