Preppy Skull

I’ve never mentioned that I lived in Hudson, Ohio circa 1982-1984. Think Normal Rockwell small town. Think village square with a clock tower. Think housing paint code of white with black shudders (not joking). Think pink and green every where you look. If you can possibly think all of that at once then you have a visual idea of Hudson, Ohio.

I had just moved back from Australia. To say I was a square peg trying to pound my way into a round hole would be an understatement. Not a stitch of pink and green to be found on me – nor any alligators. On our way to Ohio we had stopped in Berryville, Arkansas to visit family. My mother took me shopping for school clothes there. Now, just the name alone should alert one to the fact that Berryville may not have exactly been the fashion mecca of the America (it being a town of 300 or so). But, what did I know – I trusted my mother. Let’s just say that I’ve had a hard time trusting my mother ever since.

But somehow the color scheme of pink and green has been planted deep within this little skull of mine! This ‘preppy’ inspired skull gives a nod to my old home of Hudson, Ohio. I don’t think it would have gone over so well there at that time, but evidently it had at least one fan here in Vancouver. It was sold last week from Most Everything! So this little chica has found a new home. And after 2 1/2 years in preppy town, U.S.A., I too found a new home in northern California, just a few miles away from Berkeley. It was a refreshing change – not a paint code to be found. It was like opening the door to a rainbow of color.