Busy Bee

Beekeeper Victoria

Here is my amazingly brave and clever girl Victoria holding one of the frames from her hives. She has been insanely busy this summer as her ‘girls’ (i.e. the bees) have evidently out done themselves this year. I love that she has the courage to throw on this jumpsuit and go work among the bees – seriously, I think I’d need armor and a glass bubble. But she does this work without thinking twice about it….well, I have heard a little bit of grumbling but that is only because it’s been hotter than Hades in Missouri and wearing this jumpsuit must be like sitting on black tarmack in the sun.

But off she trudges to her bee house to check in the girls and make sure all is in order. This is what she is greeted with…..

“The Girls”

Yes, those are hundreds of bees covering the outside of one of Victoria’s hives. Thank goodness someone does this work to give such delicious honey to the world (or the locals and a few choosen friends such as myself)! I’m not even going to attempt to tell you what goes into getting the honey ready for consumption – perhaps Victoria will one day share all of that in her own words and with more photos. I can say it sounds like a heck of a lot of work and a rather sticky business. Not for those who have tactile issues – my husband would go screaming from her honey bottling room.

But when all is said and done we are graced with the delicious honey that only nature can produce. It’s like liquid gold. She has had a banner year in sales thanks to her busy girls. Thankfully our 30 plus year friendship scores me a prized bottled before she sells out!