Rain or Shine and Being Kind

Jen & Eve

This is me and my very talented and arty friend Eve (of Myriad Studios). We did our first little show together this past weekend called Rain or Shine. A small little church affair to help raise some money for a non-profit. This was my first time really getting my stuff (and Victoria’s) out there in a formal way. I really put a lot of energy into the table and having myself ready with actual business cards and of course work to show.

Here are some shots of our table.

Jen & Victoria’s table side

Eve’s table side

A close up of Victoria’s beautiful skulls with the exception of the one on the far left – that one I created. I suppose I could have gotten some better close ups…..sorry about that!

Victoria’s Beauties (except far left)

So I went to the event really trying to have no expectations. I knew I had done the best I could at this point and time so I wanted to let go of the results. Just go and have fun – and for Lord’s sake SMILE! Stay positive and upbeat no matter what the day had in store.

Overall I had a great time and met some really wonderful and encouraging people. BUT….yes, there always seems to be a but….there were two people who made remarks that hit a bit hard. The first was easy enough to blow off, but the second was delivered in such a back-door, underhanded, passive-aggressive way that it unfortunately stuck to me more than I’d like to admit. It was one of those comments that I had to pause, look at Eve, and confirm with her that I’d just been insulted.

Why is it that I forget all the positive comments and zero in on the one hurtful comment? Am I the only one that tends to do this? I wish I didn’t and I am working so hard on not. A good dose of gratitude usually does the trick. But I think what trips me up more than the actual comment is the need to be unkind in the first place. I just don’t understand why some people feel the need to be unkind. I certainly understand that not everyone is going to like my work – I get that – different strokes for different folks and all that. But why does someone feel the need to express unkindness to another? What’s that about??

I guess I better grow some thicker skin because I plan to keep putting myself out there and will hopefully be doing a couple more local shows this fall and winter. But if I could just make a suggestion to the human race it would be this: Be Kind-rewind. If you are of a certain age group as I am, you may remember that saying from the VHS rental stores. So I would just say if you have an unkind thought that goes through your head that you feel about to slip out your mouth – hit the pause button – and rewind. Pull it back in. Kindness DOES matter.