Flora….yes, another owl.


Yes, I’ve done it again….gone and made another owl. It seems to be all I can do lately. Well, I have been working on a bit of madness which I should be able to post soon – just putting finishing touches on a little something. So until then, you are stuck with owls. And as I am completely brain dead at this moment – lacking all verbal, written¬†and basically any form of communication skills – I shall just post photos of little Miss Flora. I do adore her and her fluttery eyes. And yes, those are buttons – individually hand stitched. Seemed like a good idea when I started…..



This is what I’ve been up to. Making owls. Kind of moving into a 3D meets 2D with a fabric 3D owl in a frame. Complimented with a painted branch from a tree (I promise I was as gentle to the tree as possible during the pruning process) and some stitched paper leaves. I think it all works rather nicely together. I tried to keep the color at a minimum so that it could tie in with most any decor. People seem to like them – I’ve gotten good feed back and even sold one at ‘Most Everything’.

Some more photos for your viewing pleasure.

Just a bit of silliness really. I seem to need that. Especially after working on a personal piece like “Maudie & Lucy” – just need a little down time. But I’ve got to keep my hands busy so out come my owls.

My husband and I just started working on a piece together…..this is a first (hopefully not a last!). Matt (hubby) used to do little clay figures when he was a little guy. Thank goodness his mom saved his pieces – dinosaurs, space ships and a variety of awesomeness. So I thought after almost 35 years of not making anything, it was time for him to get his hands dirty. Can’t decide if we’ll use Sculpey or paper clay. But we are just working on the armature – wire and tin foil. He is not trusting my process and thinks I’m steering him wrong. Don’t want to give away what we are creating, but he currently thinks it looks like Scarlett O’Hara – southern bell in a big hoop dress. I’m cutting him some slack as it has been a long while for him to get creative – but good lord man, have some vision!

Will post more on that later…….