Maudie & Lucy

“Maudie & Lucy”

My daugther Madeleine is 13 today. At 12:13a.m. last night she walked into the den where my husband was still awake and working and informed him he was now looking at a 13 year old. Yes, that is the time I finally managed to push all 9lbs 14oz of her from my womb. No easy task, but worth every stretch mark.

My son, Andrew, was only 2 at the time of her birth and as you can well imagine Madeleine was a pretty tricky name for him to pronounce. It came out “Maudewyn”. So that’s what we started calling her. Maudewyn soon got shortened to Maudie or Maude.

My daughter seems to be in a hurry to shed childhood and embrace teenagehood. Not unusual for this age group, but it still makes me a bit sad. Here I am at the age of 42 trying to remember the young girl I once was and to reconnect to the imagination and creativity that once flowed so easily and my daughter wants to slam the door on it all. I suppose it takes some age to realize what a special time childhood is.

So with that thought in mind I wanted to give honor to Madeleine’s childhood and make her something special. “Maudie & Lucy” is the result of that desire. I can’t say that the girl looks particularly like Maudie did (I have a lot to learn about sculpture work), but I think I nailed it with the basset hound!

Miss Lucy

Lucy was the first basset hound that we adopted. She was so gentle and sweet with Madeleine – tolerant of anything. Madeleine could dress her up, sit on her, paint her with nail polish – you name it – Lucy obliged. They were inseparable. Lucy slept with Madeleine at night. Even when Lucy got too old, she would stand by the bed waiting for me to lift her (considering she was about 55lbs, this was not so easy).

Unfortunately, Lucy passed away Thanksgiving night of 2005. It was a very unexpected and traumatic event for us. It was hard on us all, but particulary Madeleine. We still talk about Lucy and remember the silly times we had with her.

So this piece is for my daughter and her best buddy, Lucy. I hope Madeleine will always carry a little piece of the little girl ,Maudie, she once was and remember what a special time of life it was.

P.S. Aren’t the hightops just too cute??!!



Yumminess at Petit Provence

This is how I got to start out my day today with my dear friend, Sharon. As a parting farewell or rather a ‘see you later’ breakfast (we are choosing to stay in denial about her impending move to California), we decided to hit Petit Provence on Alberta Street one last time. I could have set up camp there all morning – especially when they feed me the likes of this croissant. And then add a cute, little square jam holder and I am totally hooked! I am such a sucker for these types of details.

In fact I think it’s details that makes Portland so unique and special – or just downright weird (which is really a positive adjective in this part of the world – actually something to strive for).  I mean really, do other cities take the time to do such marvels with their trash cans? It’s both artistic and environmentally friendly with its recycle section!

Portlandia Trash Can

Or just look at the grates that surround trees in the Pearl District.

Seriously, I think they’re beautiful. God help you if you are wearing heals. But I suppose if you’re a true Portlander then you probably wouldn’t be wearing heels……

And if you were to look down a dark alley in another city do you think you’d see this kind of ‘graffiti’?

Alberta Street Alley

Or would you find merchants that encourage you to paint on the side of their business such as this one?

The beauty of this great city and surroundings is all in the details. I’m often criticized for getting stuck in the details, but maybe details are not always such a bad thing. At least not in this case. And maybe not in the case of family and friends. Just maybe the details would help our relationships – remembering the hundreds of details that can be forgotten with comfort and complacency. The ‘thank yous’, the ‘pleases’, the words of kindness that we forget to use. The hugs, the hand squeezes, the looks of care. These are the details of relationship that are important to get stuck in. And I’ll be the first to admit I am a major offender of forgetting these kind of details. But the dirty dishes, socks on the floor and the piles of messes that come with actually living – THOSE are the details I remember. Twisted I know.

So I am grateful when I get to have a day like today that reminds me to pay attention to the beautiful details – and let go of the rest.