Starting Point

So I was at the store a while ago and saw these little Barbie busts. I wondered to myself (as I often do) if I could alter this head into something not so perky. Well……after many hours, much profanity, and further eyesight loss I feel I have accomplished that goal.

Completed transformation

So what do you think? I rather fancy her. I put her out there on Facebook to get some feedback. One of my young talented friends asked if I had an artist statement for this piece. Me, being the flippant smarty pants that I can be, answered with “I like making stuff!” And really that is what it comes down to. I see things or think of things and wonder – could I make something out of that or could I pull that out of my head and make it? I often make things just to see if I can.

Maybe on some unconscious level that does have to do with my ‘artist statement’. I have spent decades telling myself I can’t do things. And now that I realize what a load of crock that is I am doing things just to prove that inner critic wrong. Which probably explains why I get super frustrated when things don’t turn out the way I want them to – as if somehow I’ve lost the battle. But I have to remember I haven’t lost the war! Every failure, every mistake, every “what-the-hell-was-I-thinking?”, takes me one step further down this creative path. If I fall flat on my face, well, at least I’m falling forward, right?!

So more Barbies await transformations – like a plastic surgeon’s waiting room! I will post more photos as I complete them. In the meantime here are a couple more shots of this one.




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